14 April, 2017


Masonry is a construction that uses brick and stone, bound together with cement paste, marble, and titles.

The process of binding sand with cement, lime, soil or any other is known as mortar (paste).
SKYLINE DEVELOPMENT Masonry construction can provide beautiful walls and floors at a reasonable price because the initial stage of building the house is the construction. With that, our company does not take any risk.

Types of masonry construction:

Masonry construction based on the material used is shortly explained.

Brick masonry- The brick masonry is made of bricks weld together with mortar (cement). Bricks are in similar shape and size. Hence, they can be laid in any particular pattern. I can handle them easily due to being light in weight and small in size.

Stonemasonry - The stonemasonry is made of stones weld together with mortar. Where rocks are available as in nature, stonemasonry is more muscular, durable, and weather-resistant than brick.

Glass block masonry - The construction of glass block units (hollow or solid) of various sizes and shapes weld together with mortar is termed glass block masonry.

Skyline development LLC offers expert masonry services for all residential and commercial projects in the United States. Our years of experience and professional knowledge in masonry services allow us to deliver our services at affordable prices and in a hassle-free manner. Our masonry services are professional and reliable, from privacy walls and retaining walls to stone entryways and fireplaces.

Residential Masonry Services

Whenever you discover any crack in your masonry wall or any other issues in walls can cause a heavy defection in walls. We offer complete residential masonry services, including the bricks and stone foundation in your home.

● Restoration Work
● Pavers
● Several design services are available
● Fireplaces, specializing in Rumford boxes
● Indoor or outdoor
● construction, remodeling, restoration, alterations, and repairs
● Privacy walls, retaining walls, stone veneering, and facades
● Steps, patios, paved pathways, and driveways, stone entryways
● Stone, block, brick, concrete
● Structural walls and foundations
● Sustainable, "green" construction

  • Masonry improves fire protection for the building and its residents. Fireplaces are commonly made of masonry for a similar reason.
  • Masonry offers high obstruction against rotting, germs, weather, and natural disasters such as storms and cyclones.
  • Masonry provides an attractive or elegant look for a home or building.
  • Being durable and safe, Masonry can survive large amounts of compressive weight loads.
  • Masonry buildings have higher lifespans than any other building type.
  • Using masonry in your construction increases the price of the building.
  • Using masonry in buildings doesn't invite insects such as ants and termites to harm the structure.
  • Using this procedure in construction costs less in terms of labour and materials as compared to using wood.
No, masonry can't be done by yourself. It is for the people who have complete knowledge and have the idea of doing. If you are thinking of doing it by yourself, it's a bad idea. Construction of the house is the most critical part, which has to be done correctly or under guidance.
The cost depends upon the quality of the material you choose. Bricks, cement, tiles, marble, sand, stones, etc. Then the labour charges.
  • Time-saving - Hiring skilled workers saves your time and energy and ensures that the work is done appropriately.
  • Skilled workers - Skyline development workers have all types of knowledge and training to lift heavy materials, bend, stand, and kneel for extended periods because the work is physically demanding.
  • Equipment - There are different tools and equipment needed for masonry, and it isn't easy to have in the house, so this saves your money because the workers bring their instruments.
  • Quality Assurance - After completing the process, the workers come after seven days to take care of the colour, waterproofing plaster, joints, nails, etc.
Construction plot-

Accurate plot location with potential development in the future can return you as a very good investment at a very much lower cost. If the level of your plot is a little down from the story of the road, then it may require a considerable cost to fill it, but we can help you choose the right plot at the same level of the road.

Availability of design-

generally, the personalized plans are more costly than simple ones. While designing a home on your own can be more expensive, we have prepared designs that are a mixture of personalized and straightforward designs in a pocket-friendly way. We also use material which does not require frequent maintenance including bricks, cement, and other material.

Intelligent technologies-

it is correct to say that technologies are replacing human resources and reducing the cost. We also use the latest technologies not just to curtail construction time but guarantee savings as well. Proper use of technology can also reduce the cost of labour as well as the cost of construction.

The well-qualified team-

Changes in material and blueprints can highly impact the cost of construction, especially when you are a newbie to this field. The people in business like us can change your old brick house into a lavishing home while ensuring quality compliance. Contact us for professional and structural services, and seek advice on saving the costs of masonry services.

We work from the blueprint of your property, which helps you determine a plan for your action under the guidance of our well-qualified team. We have the potential to satisfy our customers with extensive knowledge and communication. We emphasize the quality of work with a highly skilled team and proactive inspections and regular follow-up. Before starting the job, we would like to take a survey of the property to plan to execute your dream projects within the time frame and allocated budget. Our ultimate goal is to become your masonry contractor today and throughout the future.