14 April, 2017

Painting and decorating

What is the cost of hiring a painter?

It simply depends on how much painting you need to get done. The Painters of Chicago charge an average cost of USD 500 for a medium-sized room.

Is it cost-effective to paint yourself or hire a painter?

It is cheaper to paint your property yourself as your overall budget will include only material cost. However, Skyline Development offers competitive pricing on painting interior and exterior homes and commercial areas.

Does Home Depot have professional painters?

Yes, Home depot services have professional painters who are trained in painting. Skyline Development has skilled and experienced painters who are well-known in color combinations, quality, and more.

Are hiring Painters expensive?

The average per hour fee of the painter is between $20 to $50 per square foot. And professional painters charge between $300 to $800 per hour.